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Investing in BGL is like buying Bitcoin in 2009
BGL is a coin with a deflationary mechanism that may increase its capitalization by 1000x over time.
What is Savy and BGL?
Savy is a smart contract on Binance Smart Chain that will help you to use your WBGL (Wrapped BGL on BSC) as collateral to borrow stablecoins like BUSD.
WBGL - Wrapped BGL - a copy of BGL issued in the Binance blockchain against the original coin. Any time you can swap WBGL to BGL through the bridge and vice versa.
John has BUSD. He wants to exchange them for WBGL. He goes to Pancakeswap and exchanges the coins.
Buy or exchange Stablecoins for WBGL
on Pancakeswap
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